Classroom Groundschool Option PFCO

Just £600 

Note: Face to Face Classroom training is suspended during the Covid 19 crisis - but Online courses continue (and they are cheaper so there are some silver linings in these clouds after all !) 

This will provide you with the following:

Comprehensive Ground School Training Manual sent to you as soon as your booking has been confirmed

E Mail and WhatsApp tutor support from one of our friendly instructors to answer any questions you have as you study the groundschool subjects

When you have studied the manual and are ready then book onto one of our 2 day brush up groundschool courses at a venue of your choice

Following the groundschool course you will complete your Operations Manual. We will show you on the course what this should look like. It's a manual in which you describe how you will operate drones in the commercial operations that you will be carrying out.


Then you can book a Flight Assessment at one of our venues


With that assessment passed you can apply to the CAA for your PfCO and become a fully qualified commercial drone pilot !

Price Crash 

Online Groundschool,

Ops Manual and Flight Assessment PFCO

£375(No VAT Charged)

Available now - this online version of the groundschool will save you two days in the classroom as you can study at your own pace, at home, at work, on the beach - wherever suits you !

Personal and fast E Mail, WhatsApp, Text, Phone support available throughout your course


All you need to do after finishing the online studying is complete - with our professional support - your Operations Manual and then schedule to attend for your flight assessment where there will be a short written exam. 

Then you'll be ready to apply to the CAA for your PFCO

Are You A Former Uplift drones (or other failed NQE) customer but part way through your PFCO ? the Flight assessment

and Operations Manual with us for £150 (no VAT)

Or, If you have a recognised aviation qualification and are exempt the groundschool element of the PfCO training, you will just need to do the Ops Manual (which we will support you through) and Flight Assessment, then you'll be ready to apply to the CAA for your PFCO.

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