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 Online Groundschool PFCO Course Now Just £350 (No VAT)                                                                                            

      PFCO Course with 2-day classroom module £600   (No VAT)   

                                    Coronavirus Update                                              
Train Online and Avoid Coronavirus with The Drone College - just £350 (no VAT)
We are very much open for business. We can syill run classroom courses for now, but unsurprisingly most people are now chooisng our online groundschool which is ideal for distance learning.The only time you meet an assessor is at the Flight Assessment which is in the  open air, and we have devised a process    where there is no physical contact.                                                              
            Call us on 0800 669 6400 8am to 10PM every day                        
                  and we will answer any questions you have                                
                             Discounts for group bookings                                         
All Former Uplift Drones, UAV Air Trainees - do your Flight Assessment for £150 (No VAT)

New training sites opened in Suffolk, Manchester, Hereford, Gloucestershire and Cornwall. That means we can train you almost anywhere in England and Wales so give us a call and you could be starting your course in a matter of minutes 

PFCO Course 

classroom groundschool



Just £600 

Our Industry-leading training course that covers absolutely everything you need to gain your PFCO from the CAA.  Our instructors all operate drones professionally and have real-world professional experience which they love to be able to impart to our students.

 Online PFCO Groundschool



March give-away

price !

£399 (no VAT)

Save time and money by doing the groundschool part of the PFCO online. Choose the convenience of doing the studying at your own pace and then book onto the flight assessment when you are ready.

Combined Flight Training and PFCO Course

With Online Groundschool PFCO:               £ 549 

With Classroom Groundschool PFCO                £ 750 

This add-on element to the PFCO gives you a one to one, 2 hour, session with one of our instructors before starting your PFCO course and provides confidence about setting up your drone properly and with coached drone flying time included will set you up with you the skills necessary to pass the flight assessment on the course itself.

Then complete the PFCO course and you will be not only competent in the eyes of the CAA but also confident and skilled to the extent that you will stand out from other drone operators when seeking drone work.

Drone Awareness Courses

Looking for


Gift Ideas ?

If you want to have a taster session about everything to do with drones then  this course is ideal for you. 

One of our industry expert instructors will teach you about drone law, drone safety, how they fly, how to set them up, and then show you how how to fly them. You can use one of our drones or bring your own ! Many people buy this as a present for their partner or family member.